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September 26 2016


September 22 2016

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Mit dem Orgonenakkumulator können wir die Nullpunktenergie in der Telefonzelle abzapfen und so das Metalab endlich mit atomfreien, rechtsdrehenden Granderwasserstrom versorgen ohne dass die NSA unsere Köpfe abhören kann!
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September 14 2016

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September 11 2016

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September 06 2016

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September 04 2016

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"Rollin'" von Eko Fresh für DB Regio Bayern

--> Sprachlos auf so vielen Ebenen! 

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I love this auf so vielen Ebenen <3
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August 31 2016

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♫♩ I kept everything inside and even though I tried, most of the Bratmischung fell apart
What it meant to me will eventually be a memory of a time when...

I tried so(mewhat) hart (with the Grünkern-Buchweizen-Cevapcici)
and got so far, but in the end
it doesn't even matter
because Zaziki übertüncht eh alles ♬♪
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August 29 2016

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Ihre LKW-Fahrer
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August 27 2016

+ the dog is saying 'dinner is ready' in a very friendly voice
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August 24 2016

woah D: on monday I bought a beautiful dracaena in a little shop that was full with about 90% of those depicted plants. The store owner didn't lie to me when he said they're all healthy \o/
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for me it was a pretty bodily experience, and not least a autosexual one. meaning i masturbated for about 4 hours. and i can't say i regretted it, because it felt pretty amazing. unlike some stuff i have read i found it to be significantly less visual then 1P-LSD and AL-LAD, but that may be due to the dosage, the packaging said 100 µg but it might have degraded in the summer heat before i put it in the freezer. visual perception was only slightly enhanced and things like melting, drifting, symmetries, etc were almost absent. closed-eye visuals weren't prominent either, but i remember orgasms that felt like going thru a dark geometric tunnel and ginger beer felt like a firework-y lighting up of of lime green neon tubes. but it hardly compared to the flashy, bright and colourful visuals i remember from AL-LAD.

i also did't feel very "philosphical" during most of the trip,i remember one kinda profound idea, but it matches the experience of others that there is not much of a "mind-trip". unfortunately i had noone there who i would explore the social aspects with.

the body feel (especially on come-up) was rather heavy-feeling, not necessarily pleasant in itself, but not really unpleasant either. bodily 'abstraction' seemed pretty strong, when taking a walk i felt more like a floating field of vision then a human being making steps. that has it's disadvantages because i didn't feel my face and had no idea what kind of expression it had, i can only hope it was mildly friendly when i encountered other people at my walks. also i could not estimate temperatures. i felt that i was sweating quite a bit, and i was unpleasantly unsure about how hot it was. the bodily abstraction thing is something i had with pretty much all lysergamides i tried, tho. a hand mirror and an air thermometer would be a good investment for tripping.

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August 18 2016

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"Ich glaub, die Kaffeemaschine will gleich ins Berghain."
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August 12 2016


i could home-cook food with laundry detergent, that doesn't mean it's safe. :P

and i don't see why it would be a negative criterion either. to test whether a substance is safe, you got to test it. that traditional recipes exists is an indication that it isn't horribly poisonous. but then again, during most of history people cared much more about not starving then eating healthy. so i don't think traditional cuisine will be that close to optimal nutrition..

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viele Sachen bei veganz sind allerdings gar nicht bio... ich hatte immer den Eindruck, dass die einfach eine Wahnsinns-Profitmarge haben. Wundert mich, dass der Laden in München unrentabel(?) war.
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